Program Description

The program is hosted by The North Carolina Masonic Foundation making all contributions tax deductible. Carol loved natural health care and saw the value of promoting chiropractic. She experienced the difficulties of working during professional training, raising a family, starting a practice without the aid of any loans or gifts. She worked with her husband and family to pay all tuition, obligations and always had a special place in her heart for young licentiates needing some assistance in establishing their chiropractic life.

Grant information

In memory of Carol’s spirit of work ethics, love and concern for others, the family provides the initial funding of $50,000 for a Scholarship and Financial Aid Program. Some patients knowing Carol and the family have also contributed.

Meetings of the Carol Hall Scholarship program directors

    1. Two (2) a year
    A. One to occur between March 1st and March 15th
    1. Business to include the review of Scholarship applications received between Dec. 1st and March 15th of the following year.
    a. The allocation of one (1) $1,000.00 Scholarship.

    B. One to occur between Dec. 1st and Dec. 18th
    1. Business to include the review of scholarship applications received between March 15th and Dec. 18th.
    a. The allocation of one (1) $1,000.00 Scholarship.

    2. The review of financial gift applications received between Nov. 1st and Dec. 15th.
    a. The selection of up to four (4) North Carolina recipients of a $500.00 financial gift.

The Carol Hall Scholarship Program

    The Carol Hall Scholarship Program awards two (2) one-time $1,000 scholarships to a student attending a CCE chiropractic college.

The Carol Hall Financial Gift Program

    The Carol Hall Financial Gift Program will make available $500 per applicant (up to 4 applicants a year) for hardship needs.

Anyone wishing to make a tax deductible contribution may:

    Send it to:
    “The North Carolina Masonic Foundation”
    2921 Glenwood Ave.
    Raleigh, NC 27608

    or to

    PO Box 312
    Concord, NC 28206
    (Memo: The Carol Hall Scholarship program)

    Thank you for your support through the years.

    The Carol Hall Family

    Dennis L. Hall Sr., DC